Are you ready to kick fear to the curb?

With this FREE 5 Day Prayer Plan, you'll learn to battle fear by praying God's Word, so you can begin living the life of freedom you desire.

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With this 5 Day Prayer Plan you'll:

  • Learn & Memorize 5 Crucial Scriptures: Over the course of 5 days you'll be given core scriptures to memorize that will help you battle fear at its onset.
  • Discover how to Pray God's Word: Each day you'll receive an example of a prayer declaration to teach you how to pray God's Word.
  • Be Equipped with a Template for all Scriptures: You'll have a template to use, so you can turn any scripture into a prayer declaration
  • Receive a Download of Fear Scriptures & Prayers: At the end of the 5 days you receive a printable download of all the scriptures and prayers you've learned, so you can be equipped to fight fear every day, no matter where you are!
prayer plan for battling fear
Yes! Send me the 5 Day Prayer Plan!

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Hey there! I'm Alisa.

I'm so glad you're here. We all need to know we aren't alone in the fight against fear and anxiety.

I completely understand the anguish that comes from living in fear. For years I was stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, sweaty palms and full on panic attacks.

Yet as I grew in my relationship with Christ, I began to uncover the healing power of His Word. The deeper I got into His truths, the more freedom I began to walk in.

Today, my desire is to create simple but effective resources for women to use in their daily life to draw them closer to God and help them to overcome fear in their life.

I hope you'll join me and 25,000 other women to study God's Word in order to FLOURISH in life!  

If you need prayer or have a question, feel free to contact me at